The Effect And Nature Of Pressing Felt

paper machine felt
Pressing felt is an important part that improve the press section dehydration efficiency and improve the sheet performance, therefore, the main requirements for pressing felt are: to ensure the drying requirements of the paper sheet, to provide the appropriate support for the paper, to provide a uniform pressure distribution, to provide the required sheet finishing.

The Main Properties of Press Felt

(1)Strength: press felt have certain strength. Periodic stress and fatigue in the process of squeezing can result in elongation, compression and horizontal strain of the felt.
The felt use time is too long, the above deformation will reduce the quality of the felt and reduce the service life of the felt.
(2)Void volume: the void volume refers to the measurement value of the water capacity of the pressed felt, especially the maximum capacity of the felt to be squeezed under load.
The felt should have a certain volume of space to absorb the water extracted from the wet paper.
(3) Permeability: the performance of water or air through a felt under certain pressure or vacuum conditions through sex. Press felt must be well permeable.
(4)Compressible performance: the felt must maintain certain compressibility. After the felt was used, the pore volume of the felt gradually decreased, and the capillary diameter of the felt gradually decreased.
As a result, the flow of the fluid flow and the permeability of the felt decreased, and the pressure in the pressure area increased.
(5)Wear resistance: the felt plays the role of transmission power and driven roller operation of the pressing part.
The felt must have a good wear resistance because of the friction between the felt and the parts of the pressing part, such as a felt suction box or suction pipe.

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