Small Scale Fourdrinier Machine For Kraft Paper Making Machine

Application Of  Kraft Paper Making Machine

This fourdrinier paper machine mainly used for produce high grade kraft paper.we can supply complete pulp and paper making machine.

Main technical data of Kraft Paper Making Machine:

1. Paper type: kraft paper

2. Gram weight: 80-200g/m2

3. Trimmed width: 3200mm

5. Designed speed: 100-800m/min

6. Production capacity: 45-750t/d

7. Dryness:

After wire section: ≥18-21%

After press section: ≥38-42%

Paper product dryness: 90%-92%

8. Finished product ratio: 96%

Main Structure of Kraft Paper Making Machine:

The kraft paper making machine consists of headbox, fourdrinier wire forming, press section, drying section, gas hood section, sizing machine, calender, mechanical drive section, compressed air system, lubrication system, hydraulic pressure system, basic section, reeling machine. Paper machine scheme drawing shows the main arrangement.

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