Small Scale Coating Board Paper Recycling Machine

Depending on your specific requirements, our coating board paper machines can produce both single-sided and double-sided coated paperboards. The choice of coated paperboard depends on factors like abrasion resistance, moisture barrier, and more. Our coating board paper machines are designed to deliver high-quality and efficient production, reducing waste and energy consumption, ultimately lowering production costs.

Main process and technical parameters

Paper type: coating board paper

Paper making quantity: 180~300 gsm

Clean paper width: 4200 mm

Roll paper width: 4260 mm

Design speed: 350 m/min

Working speed: 150-250 m/min

Coating method: scraper metering coating

Coating solid content: 58~60%

Moreover, our coating board paper machines are adaptable to various paperboard materials, including white board paper, gray board paper, pearlescent paper, and more, catering to different application fields. If you are in search of the high-quality coating board paper machine, do not hesitate to contact us today. Email address: