Small Sale Multi-Cylinder Corrugated Paper Machine

The cardboard produced by the corrugated paper machine is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and recyclable, and can protect the product from damage and the impact of the external environment. The corrugated paper machine adopts advanced production technology and technology to ensure that the cardboard has good mechanical properties and strength.

Main Technical Parameters of Corrugated Paper Machine

1. Main products: Liner board paper, corrugated paper

2. Quantitative range: 80-200gsm

3. Net paper width: 2600mm

4. Production capacity: 30-40t/d

5. Design speed: 140m/min

6. Working speed: 60-100m/min

7. Dynamic balance speed: 250m/min

8. Wire width: 3000mm

9. Gague: 3500mm

The corrugated paper machine can produce uniform, flat, pressure-resistant and tear-resistant cardboard, which has high market competitiveness in the packaging industry. Email address: