Sizing Machine In Paper Making Line

sizing machine

Sizing machine is divided into horizontal and inclined two forms, pneumatic pressure, the purpose of surface sizing is usually to prevent liquid penetration, to obtain better surface properties and improve the physical properties of paper. The paper fed from the drying group is sieved into the sizing tank composed of two sizing rolls and then enter into the next dryer.

Main structure

1. Frames:blasting and anticorrosion and painted stainless steel paint.
2. Sizing Roll:Contains the top Roll,bottom Roll and active Paper Roll
3. Sizing Equipment: sizing tube, overflow tray

When the sizing machine is inclined arrangement, a pair of sizing rolls are arranged in the horizontal direction 30 °, and the horizontal type is 0 °. The paper are fed into the sizing tank composed of two sizing rolls to Surface sizing, and then into the next group dryer drying. Two rolls: one for the chrome roll or artificial stone roller, the other one is sizing rubber, the roll fixed, rubber roll side pressure, pressurized form is pneumatic, the use of hyperbolic pneumatic tire device. The drive is divided into single point drive and bi-directional drive.