Sizing Machine For Corrugated Paper Machine

The sizing machine of the corrugated paper machine can evenly apply glue to the paper core of the corrugated cardboard and allow the glue to penetrate between the paper layers, thereby increasing the bonding strength of the cardboard. This can make the cardboard of the corrugated paper machine have better compression resistance and tear strength, and improve the structural strength and durability of the cardboard.

Details of Sizing Machine For Corrugated Paper Machine

Main structure: Double roller oblique row type, roller diameter Φ655x2950mm/Φ650x2950mm, upper roller 100 degree roller, lower roller hardness 95 degree, roller wall thickness 60mm, bearing 113534, the sizing machine is mainly composed of frame, upper and lower gluing rollers, glue supply device, glue blocking device, pressurization system, etc.

Auxiliary equipment: complete set of racks, spray hoses, stainless steel glue hoppers and other devices

Design line pressure: 60KN/m

Maximum line pressure: 40KN/m

Medium and high design line pressure: 30KN/m

Pressurization method: Pneumatic tire pressurization

Sizing amount: 8~10gsm

Proper application of glue can create a more stable connection between the paper layers of cardboard and prevent the paper layers from shifting and disordering. This helps maintain the flatness and dimensional stability of the cardboard and prevents it from deforming during use. Welcome to consult us for paper machine details. Email address: