Single Fiber Separator For Paper Pulp

Single fiber separator is mainly used to separate light and heavy impurity in the paper pulp and secondary relief. Energy-saving rotor is equipped in the fiber separator, which reliefs the pulp for the second time.

Secondary relief of fiber seperator can improve the front equipment production capacity and reduce energy consumption. Impurities removing function can effectively get rid of heavy impurity in the previous process and increase the service life of machines,  thereby reducing maintenance cost. Light impurities will be discharged from the center under the centrifugal force of high-speed rotating, thus improving the paper quality.

Fiber separator, screen machine and cleaner are helpful to extend the service life of subsequent machines and reduce energy consumption. They play a constructive role in the process of paper making. We will spare no efforts to bring perfect pre-sale and after-sale service. Any problem, welcome to send email to