Ragger Used in Paper Making Mill

Ragger is mainly used to remove various twisting impurities in slurry like iron wire, string, plastic, cotton yarn, which would be cutted by rope cutter next step. Ragger can be used as a coarse pulp and clean machine.

Continuous pulping equipment, such as hydrapulper is often used with ragger, so that impurities in paper pulp are continously rotating and winding during operation of hydrapulper. Impurities are continously pulled out and drained so as to purify the slurry.

Advantages Of Ragger

1.Rotational adjustable speed and stable ruuning
2.High efficiency, low power consumption
3.simple construture, easy to operate and mantain
3.Air cylinder controls the pinch roller so that the twisting impurities can be pulled out in constant speed.

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