Pulper Equipment For Paper Mill

drum pulper

Common Pulper Equipment

  • Drum Pulper

The Drum Pulper is suitable for production OF 80 TPD or more. The Drum Pulper usually used at the packaging paper production line. the large quantity High-grade culture paper and Living paper making also adopt, but it should think about the material.

  • D Type Hydrapulper

This machine suitable foe all raw materials. D Type Hydrapulper is used for High-grade cultural paper and Living paper making.

  • H.C. Hydrapulper

This machine mainly used for separating waste paper and ink under high consistency in waste paper deinking process. It suitable for the material with ink.

  • M.C. Hydrapulper

Mainly used for pulping wood pulp and other clean raw materials. The M.C. Hydrapulper suitable for large output paper production. Small output can use the D Type Hydrapulper or the Vertical Hydrapulper.

  • Vertical Hydrapulper

The machine used for breaking pulp board, damage paper , waste paper, and etc. Suitable for small output paper production line.

Working Principle of Drum Pulper

The Drum Pulper is divided into three working areas: pre-dip zone, high-concentration disintegration zone and screening zone. The waste paper raw materials are first sent to the pre-dip zone by the Chain Conveyor, and the soaked waste paper enters the high-concentration disintegration. In the area, at a concentration of 14%-20%, as the drum rotates, the waste paper is lifted by the lifting grid on the inner wall, rises to a certain height, and falls, colliding with the hard inner surface, so that the disintegration zone The waste paper in the paper is repeatedly broken down, and under the gentle disintegration of shearing force and friction, it is disintegrated into a single fiber, and the impurities such as film, plastic, rag and the like in the waste paper are not broken. The disintegrated waste paper pulp advances along the dip angle under the driving of the drum, and enters the screening area from the disintegration zone; the flushing water pipe is installed above the screening area, and the pulp is washed and diluted as soon as the pulp enters the screening area, and the pulp concentration is lowered to 3 About -4%, at this time, the qualified fiber enters the slurry pool through the screening hole, and the coarse impurities are blocked by the sieve plate, left in the screening area for continuous panning, and finally discharged from the slag discharge port at the end of the drum.

d type hydrapulper

Advantages of D Type Hydrapulper

  • The machine use the VOKES rotor, the rotor is low power consumption, high efficiency.
  • The machine has clean founction, it’s easy to start the machine.
  • The transmission designed with 3 bearings. it prolong the machine service time.
  • Adjustable gap between rotor and sieve plate ensures the pulping effect.

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