Pulper Equipment for Corrugated Paper Making Line

Pulper machine

Pulper equipment is the first stage in pulping system, waste paper or other raw materials is translate into pulper machine for pulping by chain conveyor, and then enter into the next stage. Generally pulper machine includes drum pulper and hydrapulper, in our company the Drum pulper and D type hydrapulper are on hot sale.

Drum Pulper

Production ≥ 80tpd, commonly used in the packaging paper production line, large output of cultural paper and toilet paper is also applicable, need consider the material problem. This machine sets pulping and coarse screening in one, Drum pulper within the pre-dip area, high concentration broken area and screening area three work area, at first waste paper translate into the prepreg area by the conveyor, soaked waste paper and then into the high consistency broken area, with the rotation of the drum , the waste paper was raised by the grid plate pocketon of inner wall under 14% -20% concentration, rose to a certain height then fall, and impact on the hard surface, so that the waste paper in broken area after repeated attacks, in the shear force and friction under the effect of gentle dissolution, was dissociated into Single fiber, and film, plastic, rags and other impurities in waste paper are not broken.

D type hydrapulper

Common pulper, suitable for all raw materials. The Vickers rotor deviates from the center, making the paper material more rapidly and more in contact with the rotor. The traditional hydrapulper pulper produces a barrierless swirl, which moves from the helical path to the center rotor, and the “D” hydrapulper pulper changes the flow and makes the material quicker contact with the rotor, greatly reduces the breaking time and increases the production capacity without increasing power and volume.