Pulp Pump For Paper Pulping Line

Pulp pump

Almost every equipment need equip pulp pump to pumped the slurry to next stage, although the pulp pump is small compared with other paper pulp equipment, this machine play an important role in paper stock preparation line. Leizhan supply high quality pulp pump to make the pulping line efficient operation.

The features of Leizhan pulp pump

1. Efficient, energy saving: operating efficiency average higher 3-10 percentage points than ordinary pulp pump, energy saving, consumption of 15-30%.
2. Good cavitation performance, long service life: the actual service life can be increased 2-3 times than ordinary pulp pump.
3. High concentration, no clogging: delivery pulp concentration to 6%.
4. Reasonable structure, easy maintenance: pump head adopt front and back door structure, maintenance don’t need to dismantle the pipeline, just move the motor back, you can remove and repair the pump.
5. Over-current components are cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel for the user to choose.

Compared with other supplier, the pulp pump Leizhan supplied adopt international technology, equip high quality component to extended service life, if you have any need feel free to contact us or visit our factory to know more details.