Pulp Machine Agitator Maintain Pulp Liquid Suspending Condition

pulp machine agitator maintain pulp liquid suspending condition

Agitator mainly used to stir cyclically in chest to main the pulp liquid in suspending condition, which ensures the pulp components even distribution

The Advanced blade design of Propeller makes the working speed higher, and the peripheral speed of the outer edge of the blade is generally 5 to 15 m/s. The propeller type agitator mainly causes axial flow and generates a large circulation amount.

The shaft of the Impeller can also be inserted horizontally or obliquely into the tank. At this time, the circulation loop of the liquid flow is asymmetrical, which can increase the turbulence and prevent the liquid surface from being sunken.

Main Parameters of Agitator

Consistency(%) ≤5
Vane Diameter(mm) Φ500-Φ1800

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