Pulp Equipment Of Disc Disperser

Disc disperser has a disc-tooth structure, which can effectively ensure the effective dispersion of gelatin, ink particles, etc. The gap between the moving plate and the static plate of disc disperser can be set within a certain range, which enables operation with a smaller gap and is more conducive to the separation of impurities attached to the fibers.

Application & Features

1. Automatic lubrication system ensures stable operation of equipment and saves labor.

2. The dispersion disc is made of highly wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials.

3. Due to temperature and various angle designs, the inherent strength characteristics of the fiber are not affected.

4. Due to the single-piece design, the accuracy reaches 0.01 micron.

5. Easy to install and provide high-quality after-sales service.

Leizhan can be equipped with different gear discs according to different material types. If you are interested in Leizhan’s pulping equipment, please feel free to contact us. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com