Pulp Equipment In India

paper pulp machine

On 10th,July, 2017, Leizhan Successfully delivered paper pulp machine to India paper mill, these equipment include inflow pressure screen and D type hydrapulper. Hope these equipment  can bring  more benefits to the paper mill as soon as possible.

Delivery Site Information

Customer name: India Paper Mill

Equipment: 10m³ D Type Hydrapulper, 1 m² Inflow Pressure Screen

Time: 10th,July, 2017

Capacity: 80t/d

Inflow pressure screen: used in flow system to flow the stock

D type hydrapulper: used for pulping and coarse screening

Different pressure screen can be used in different place, the difference between coarse pressure screen and fine pressure screen is the screen drum, hole screen drum is coarse screen, and slot screen drum is fine screen. If you want to know more details, welcome to consult us.