Pulp Agitator For Paper Pulp Making Line

Chest Agitator

In paper plant will store the slurry in the pulp tower or the pulp tank, and this need Agitator to prevent fiber flocculation. Leizhan Agitator is designed for stiring the slurry, adopt international advance technology to extend life time.

Structural principle
This equipment consists of impellers, gearing and power plant. Main bearing is fixed on frame by two bearings and bearing block.Motor is installed on basic plate. Gearing belt pulley is installed on the other side of main bearing,and other parts compose an unit.When main bearing revolves,impellers will revolve along,they push pulp to mix in chest.

Leizhan Agitator features
1. Pulp chest agitator has high efficiency and excellent mixing performance. It is designed and produced on the base of the introduction if foreign model machine.
2. Its impellers have advanced design, their angle can be adjusted and are easy to maintain,are suitable for mixing of long-fiber pulp.
3. Low power consumption, easy to operate, convenient to maintain.
4. Safety and durable: The eccentric rotor is placed in the excitation device.
5. Impellers isĀ stainless steel(Can be made with the pulp contact is stainless steel).