Pressure Screen in stock preparation process

mid-consistency pressure screen

The pulp may contain fiber bundles, sand, metal shavings and other impurities, if not removed, it is bound to affect the quality of paper, and even cause damage to equipment, to the production of unnecessary trouble, before the operation of the paper machine, generally need to be purified and screening treatment, on the one hand to remove dust and impurities in the slurry, on the other hand the slurry evenly dispersed, resulting in uniform dispersion of fiber suspension.

Pressure screen

Pressure screen can be used as coarse and fine screening equipment in pulping process. Our company supply different pressure screen: Inflow pressure screen and M.C. pressure screen(fine and coarse screening equipment).

Inflow pressure screen: used in the delivery system, mainly to homogenized slurry  and translate to the headbox or cage.

M.C. pressure screen:used for screening stage, divided into hole sieve and slot, hole screen for coarse screening, slot for fine screening