Pressure Screen For Waste Paper Recycling

Pressure screen

Waste paper recycling process contain pulping system, cleaner, screening system. The screening system contain coarse pressure screen and fine screen, Inflow pressure screen is screening equipment of approach flow system before paper machine.

Pressure screen for waste paper recovery

The pressure screen also can be divides into Inflow pressure screen and Outflow pressure screen. Coarse and fine pressure screen are Outflow pressure screen, So what’s the differences and similarities between this two pressure screen?


-Use in different locations: M.C pressure screen used for the slurry screening stage, the Inflow pressure screen used for the approach flow system before headbox.
-Inlet and outlet pipe, slag pipe and other pipe are different, have different base( M.C pressure screen’s base is one plate, and Inflow pressure is not).
-The slurry flows in a different way, M.C Pressure screen is outflow, the other is inflow.
-Internal rotor structure and screen baskets are different.
-Generally the M.C. coarse pressure screen has a Heavy slag outlet to discharge heavy slagging.


-The same as the external configuration(Machinery Seal, automatic oil injection device, automatic water device )
-Screen baskets are 304/316 stainless steel
-Used for slurry screening