PLC Control Cabinet For Sale

PLC control cabinet

PLC control cabinet can complete equipment automation and process automation control, realize perfect network function, stable performance, expansion, anti-interference and other characteristics, is the core and soul of modern industry.

PLC control cabinet

PLC integrated control cabinet has the protection function of overload, short circuit and lack of phase protection. It has a compact structure, stable work and complete functions. Can according to the actual control rules touch size, combination, can achieve automatic control single ark, can also realize the ark by industrial Ethernet or fieldbus network of distributed control system (DCS). PLC control cabinet can adapt to various sizes of industrial automation control.

The PLC control cabinet and frequency converter cabinet can be designed according to customer requirements, and can be used with the interface touch screen to achieve the purpose of easy operation. The device is more capable of transmitting data of communication protocols such as modbus and profibus on the DCS.

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