Paper Stock Preparation Machine D Type Hydrapulper

D-type hydrapulper is mainly composed of pulping chamber, motor, feed pipe and discharge pipe, control system and other parts. D-type hydrapulper is a type of equipment commonly applied in pulping processes. It processes raw materials into fibrous substances through the collision, cutting and tearing of high-speed rotating rotors and screen plates.

Application & Features

1. High efficiency, good pulping effect and strong flexibility.

2. The structure is relatively simple and easy to maintain.

3. Wearing parts such as the rotor and screen plate can be replaced and adjusted to extend the service life of the machine.

4. Suitable for pulping treatment of various raw materials, including wood, paper, pulp, etc. At the same time, by adjusting the rotation speed of the rotor and the accuracy of the screen plate, pulping requirements of different thicknesses can also be achieved.

D-type hydrapulper is widely applied in pulp, paper making and other industries due to its high efficiency, good pulping effect, strong flexibility and simple structure. Welcome to contact us. Email address: