Paper Rewinding Machine For Paper Mill

Our paper rewinding machine is perfect for handling full-width paper rolls from the paper machine winder. These rolls are placed on the paper unwinding rack of our paper rewinding machine, which then rewinds them into finished paper rolls with specific widths, diameters, and tightness. Rest assured, our advanced paper rewinding machine ensures precise and reliable rewinding, resulting in high-quality finished paper rolls.

Details of Paper Rewinding Machine

Product variety Kraft paper, T paper, corrugated paper
Web basis weight 80-220 gsm
Working speed 2000m/min
Design speed 2200m/min
Maximum base paper roll diameter φ3000 mm
Maximum original paper roll width φ4690 mm
Finished paper width 4600mm
Maximum diameter of finished paper φ1500mm
Trim width 30-50mm
Maximum running tension of paper web 1200N/m

Whether you are a paper product manufacturer or a paper product processing company, our paper rewinding machine can provide you with reliable solutions to improve production efficiency and product quality. Email address: