Paper Pulping Equipment D Type Hydrapulper

Leizhan’s cutting-edge D type hydrapulper incorporates the latest technology, enhancing production efficiency and safety measures for optimal performance. The D type hydrapulper features a unique D-shaped design that optimizes the slurry flow, improves mechanical efficiency, and reduces pulping time. Leizhan Company’s D type hydrapulper is a reliable pulp processing machine that meets customer needs and significantly boosts production capacity.

Key Features of D Type Hydrapulper:

1. Utilizes a new energy-efficient VOKES rotor to enhance hydraulic circulation and fiber disintegration.

2. The D-shaped structure alters the slurry flow pattern, leading to shorter pulping times and increased output.

3. Adjustable rotor-to-screen plate gap ensures consistent and effective pulping results.

Leizhan Company specializes in manufacturing paper making and pulping equipment, prioritizing safety and energy efficiency. For inquiries about the company’s pulping machinery, please reach out by email at