Paper Pulp Reject Separator

The function of reject separator is to relief fiber and separate impurities for waste paper tailing in the coarse screen system. Reject separator is an ideal equipment for tail pulp treatment in pulping system. It adopts closed operation without pulp splash, and the upper cover can be opened.

Reject separator is equipped with the feed stabilization box, which keeps the feed stable. The helical rotor blade accelerates the progress of the tailing. It is not easy to block the sieve plate for the continuous slag diacharge of reject separator. There is a water spray device to improve the recovery rate of fiber and reduce the production cost.

According to the actual situation, choosing the appropriate slag discharge device can not only improve the working efficiency, but reduce the energy consumption of machine and work burden of the subsequent equipment. There are several kinds of screen and clean machine, and you can order them acoording to your needs. If you want to learn more information, please contact