Paper Production Line

head box

Vital Parts Of Paper Production Line

  • Streaming system
  • Head box
  • Wire Part
  • Press Section
  • Dryer Section
  • Sizing Section
  • Calendar roll (Hard Calendar)
  • Level Reel Machine Section
  • Re-winder
  • Open Hood
  • Base Part
  • Compressed Air System
  • Hydraulic System
  • Central Oil Lubrication System
  • Mechanical Transmission System
  • Electric Control System

Head Box In Paper Production Line

  • Task Of Headbox

1. The paper stock is distributed along the full width, uniformity and stability of the paper machine to ensure the controllability and uniformity of uniform pressure distribution, uniform speed distribution, uniform flow distribution, uniform density distribution and fiber orientation. The most suitable angle of the web jet stream is sent to the most suitable location of the forming section.

2. The headbox effectively disperses the fibers and prevents fiber flocculation

3. According to the process requirements, the headbox provides and maintains a stable net paper flow head and pulp speed relationship, and is easy to control and adjust.

Net Wire In Paper Production Line

The design of paper machine is Three wires, Two wires, Single long wire + Top wire, every girder in the wire can cantilever.

The Stretcher roll and Breast roll on the same cantilever can move to the maintainess position , this can simplify maintenance work, like change the wire, clean the roll and etc.

The transmission are Suction couch roll, Drive roll and Return roll.

The wires are tensioned by the Stretcher roll, The wire tension is detected by an electronic measuring component mounted on the bearing side of the correction roller. The correction of the wire is performed by a bladder mounted on the bearing side of the correction roller.

Suction Couch Roll in Paper production Line

  • Fouction of Suction Couch Roll

1. Double chamber vacuum, water is pumped through the roller hole.

2. Turning the seal on the outside of the second zone, the vacuum disappears. The water staying in the hole is drawn through the roller hole

3. With the Drive roll, Suction couch roll prived the power that wire part need.

4. Suction couch roll increase the dryness of the paper.