Paper Mill Rewinder For Paper Making Line

An essential feature of the paper mill rewinder is its capability to maintain a uniform tension throughout the rewinding process. By regulating speed and torque, it guarantees a smooth and flawless transfer of paper onto the rewinding core, reducing any potential flaws like creases or slackness.

Furthermore, contemporary paper mill rewinders are engineered to handle diverse paper characteristics, sizes, and weights proficiently. They offer adaptability through the accommodation of different core sizes, enabling flexibility in the final roll dimensions to meet the specific demands of customers and various applications.

Details Of Paper Mill Rewinder

1. Threaded paper type: underfeed paper

2. Paper grade: Corrugated paper

3. Paper basis weight: 120-600gsm

4. Finished paper diameter: Φ1500mm

5. Working speed: 1000m/min

6. Inner diameter of paper tube core: 76mm

To put it simply, the underfeed rewinder system efficiently boosts the paper manufacturing process by producing high-quality paper rolls with consistent attributes tailored to market demands, thus maximizing productivity and output. Email address: