Paper Mill Machine Vacuum Pump

Our vacuum pump helps the pulp to be evenly deposited on the papermaking wire through adsorption, ensuring the stability of the paper’s shape and quality. The vacuum pump can effectively create a suitable vacuum environment, allowing the pulp to be better deposited on the papermaking net, thereby obtaining a uniform and tight paper structure and improving paper quality.

Key Role of Vacuum Pump in Paper Making Lines

1. Moisture removal: The vacuum pump extracts moisture from the pulp by establishing a vacuum environment to accelerate the drying process of the paper.

2. Paper making net absorbs water: It helps the pulp to maintain a uniform film on the paper making net through adsorption, and promotes the pulp to be better deposited on the paper making net to form uniform paper.

3. Paper shaping: By establishing a vacuum environment in the paper shaping section, the paper can be better deposited, solidified and maintained with a uniform structure, thereby obtaining better paper quality.

4. Paper transport: It can assist in transporting paper from one part to another, maintaining the continuity and stability of the paper.

The vacuum pump can extract the moisture from the pulp in a short time, allowing the paper to dry quickly, and has excellent extraction capacity and stable operating performance. If you are interested in this, please contact us. Email: