Paper Middle East Exhibition 2018

cairo exhibition

Details of Paper-me

    • Date:10 – 12 September, 2018
    • Address:Egypt International Exhibition Center,Cairo Egypt
    • Leizhan exhibition number:C3-1
    • leizhan

Introduction of Paper Middle East Exhibition 2018

Paper-me is the only professional paper industry exhibition in the region.Exhibitors in Africa accounted for 40.5% and Europe 32.4%. Asia accounts for 21.3% and the Americas 5.8% .

Range of exhibition

          • Paper raw materials, pulp, paper, paper products:Various paper, carton, cardboard, carton and other paper products packaging materials, various industrial and household paper processing paper, papermaking net, wool and other raw and auxiliary materials and equipment
          • Pulp&Paper machinery and equipment:Pulp manufacturing machinery equipment and accessories, paper machinery equipment, carton machinery equipment, parts, auxiliary equipment and instrumentation, processing paper equipment, dewatering, pressing equipment, pumps, valves, pipes and papermaking, new technology equipment, paper energy-saving technology and equipmentli
          • Corrugated equipment,Packaging paper equipment, handling and packaging machinery and equipment
          • Packaging materials, filling and sealing equipment, post-packaging processing equipment, food technology processing equipment, packaging products, packaging production lines, paper cup production, filling production systems, water treatment systems, energy-saving equipment, conveyor belt logistics media, etc.

        Leizhan will participate the exhibition, at that time we will bring our pulp&paper machine, welcome to visit our machine, our staff will introduct and answer the question for you.
        You can also contact with us in advance and so we can prepare for reception.