Paper Making Machine Chain Conveyor

Designed to effortlessly handle heavy loads in demanding industrial environments, the chain conveyor is a reliable and durable solution. Featuring a strong chain and sturdy construction, this conveyor ensures smooth operation even with high-capacity materials.
Our chain conveyor can be tailored to meet your facility’s specific needs, whether you require straight-line transport or navigating around curves and inclines. Our customizable system seamlessly integrates into your existing production line for optimal efficiency.

Application & Features of Chain Conveyor

1. For enhanced stability of the chain plates, we link the two chains into a solid unit using long shafts to prevent any deflection.

2. Our sprockets are meticulously manufactured from cast steel, greatly enhancing wear resistance and extending longevity.

3. The baffle is innovatively designed in a V-shape, surpassing the effective conveying width by 400mm to boost material throughput.

4. Our chain conveyors operate in an orbital fashion, guaranteeing smoothness, reliability, and reducing friction and power consumption to a minimum.

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