Paper Making High Density Cleaner Equipment

High density cleaner

Paper making cleaner equipment contain High density cleaner and Low density cleaner, both of them are used for heavy impurities removal. Leizhan cleaner equipment is on hot sale.

High density cleaner

Throughput: 900~12000l/min (can be adjusted according to your production needs)
Concentration of input pulp: 3~5%
Pressure of input pulp: 0.15~0.35Mpa
Pressure of output pulp: 0.1~0.25Mpa
Pressure of backwash water: Pressure of input pulp+0.02Mpa
Discharge mode: Manual/Auto/Intermittence/Continuous (according to your production needs)

Features of Leizhan High density cleaner:

1. Double cone structure, strong ability to separate heavy residue;
2. Large diameter feed tee, low pressure drop, low power consumption;
3. Single through a large quantity, simplify the process design;
4. Thickened wear-resistant ceramic cone, long service life;
5. The main sub-assembly, easy maintenance;
6. Automatic slag using the use of penetrating pneumatic valve, reliable operation.

There are many types you can select according to production needs and the whole set of pulping machine can be available in Leizhan.