Paper Making Equipment Single Effect Fiber Separator

The single-effect fiber separator combines a sealed horizontal hydraulic pulper with a light and heavy impurity remover. It is characterized by its compact structure and high operational efficiency. This device integrates functions such as crushing, impurity removal, and coarse screening, streamlining the waste paper treatment process and decreasing energy consumption.

Application & Features

1. The single-effect fiber separator is comprised of a casing with a horizontally rotating main shaft supported inside. The main shaft features a cutterhead within the casing at one end, and a V-belt pulley outside the casing at the other end.

2. Within the casing, there are inlets for slurry, outlets for light and heavy impurities, and an outlet for good quality slurry located below the main shaft. A vertical slurry outlet and a sieve plate are fixed on the inner wall of the casing between the good slurry outlet and the cutterhead.

3. The cylindrical casing of the fiber separator is equipped with a tangential slag suction pipe at its upper part, adjacent to the light impurity outlet. The outlet of the slag suction pipe is connected to a heavy impurity remover.

Following the removal of slag by the single-effect fiber separator, blockages in the screen holes are minimized, leading to enhanced production capacity and prolonged service life of the cutterhead and screen plate. Feel free to reach out for further discussion and details. You can contact us via email at