Paper Making Equipment Inflow Pressure Screen

Inflow pressure screen has excellent screening performance and can effectively remove impurities from pulp. The Inflow pressure screen removes impurities such as particles, clumps and non-fibrous materials, which improves the quality of the paper and makes it smoother and more uniform.

How Our Inflow Pressure Screen Works

Efficient Impurity Removal: The inflow pressure screen effectively removes contaminants, such as debris, knots, and non-fibrous materials, from the pulp. The screen is equipped with specially designed rotor blades that create a vigorous agitation, effectively separating impurities from the pulp mixture.

Adjustable Screening Slots: Our inflow pressure screen allows for easy adjustment of the slot size, modifying the screening process according to your specific requirements. This flexibility ensures optimal screening efficiency and consistency across different paper grades.

Precise Screening Control: The screen’s pressure can be regulated, enabling precise control over the screening process. By adjusting the pressure, you can achieve the desired pulp consistency and minimize the loss of valuable fibers, leading to improved paper quality and reduced production costs.

With such an efficient and reliable screening equipment, the paper production process will be smoother and more efficient, bringing continued success and competitive advantage to your paper business. Email: