Paper Making Equipment Drum Screen

Our drum screens are engineered to deliver exceptional screening results. Precision-designed and equipped with highly efficient rotation mechanisms, these drum screens ensure thorough separation of impurities and fiber bundles from the pulp. This guarantees the purity and consistency of the pulp, meeting the highest industry standards.

Application & Features

1. Our state-of-the-art control system allows for continuous monitoring of pulp concentration in real-time, guaranteeing the ideal processing environment.

2. With the ability to seamlessly adapt to changing conditions, our drum screens incorporate automatic adjustments that boost production efficiency and drive cost savings.

3. By harnessing the latest screening technology, our drum screen efficiently separates fibers based on size and length, ensuring high-quality raw materials for paper production.

4. Through the accurate classification of pulp, our drum screens play a pivotal role in achieving superior paper flatness and smoothness, elevating the overall quality of the paper products.

Our dedication to ongoing innovation and technological enhancements drives us to provide top-tier paper manufacturing equipment that excels in quality and efficiency for our esteemed clients. For additional details, feel free to contact us via email at