Paper Machine Wire Part

paper machine wire part

Paper machine forming part is very important part of paper machine, is the slurry formation wet sheet part, so it’s important to know how to use and maintain wire part of paper machine, there are some common problems and solutions of paper  machine wire.

Common problems and solutions of paper  machine wire

The manufacture of all the rollers of the wire must be strictly in accordance with the regulations, especially the stiffness and surface of the rollers should be paid attention to, otherwise will make the wire wrinkles and drums during the production process. The wire rollers, especially the breast roll is easy to adhere small fibers, etc., it must pay attention to cleaning, to prevent the deformation of the wire caused, while the doctor need regularly check.

1. Wire ran channeling

Copper wire operation will appear the location of the guide roller has been transferred to the end, but the copper wire is still sideways. This is because the operator is not familiar with the work, the main roll position is not correct. Copper wire return operation roller position uneven, uneven suction couch roll, roll position is not correct. In the operation, such as the discovery of copper or polyester wire always run to the side, you can find the above points, and symptomatic treatment. If you still can not solve the above method, you can check whether the paper-making wire connector staggered connection phenomenon.

2. Paste wire

Paste wire is also a common problem in production, production can be for copper and polyester wire, and paste the nature of the dirt to determine the cleaning method. Cleaning can be used pressure water rinse, steam purge, acid and alkali washing, and organic solvent washing, etc. The use of pressure water on the polyester wire rinse, according to the paper machine to determine the speed. Low-speed paper machine can be used low-pressure water (gauge pressure) and auxiliary high-pressure water gun cleaning, usually with at least two low-pressure water spray pipe flushing, shutdown scrubbing or replacement of spare time, hand-held high-pressure water gun, Forming a wire to conduct a comprehensive cleaning, can achieve better results.