Paper Machine Wire Part

paper making machinery
Paper Machine wire part is valuable part of the paper machine, and easy to wear, so what causes the paper machine wire part wear?

Reason that cause wire part wear

1. Couch roll wear: As the couch roll is one of the main drive rolls of the wire section, the tension of the wire mesh changes greatly when entering and leaving the roll, especially when the mesh is under the vacuum suction action of a vacuum roll, the wear will increase.For plastic wire, if the couch roll is a copper roll, the roll will be subject to different degrees of corrosion, which also affects the life of the mesh.

2. Vacuum suction box wear: it is considered to be caused by the friction between the mesh knitting section and the water suction box panel, especially when the packing particles are accumulated on the box board, which aggravates the wear of the mesh.

3. Chemical corrosion: the lower the pH value of the wire pulp, the more acidic, the higher the temperature, the more serious the corrosion.
According to the analysis below pH4.5, temperature in 18 ~ 20 ℃, white water is very corrosive. According to the analysis, alum solution pH4, within the scope of the 20 ~ 45 ℃, every additional 10 ℃, the corrosion rate of about 2 times.

4.If the paper machine has the use of the blade contact with the blade roughness, also easy to damage the network.
When the roller blade is not strict, it is one of the reasons for the increase of the wear of the net.