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The sizing machine forms a film or thin layer by evenly coating glue liquid or powder on the surface of the paper. The glue film of the sizing machine becomes the surface coating of the paper after drying, improving the permeability, strength and wear resistance of the paper.

Details of Sizing Machine

Equipment structure:

1. A sizing machine usually consists of a glue supply system, a scraping device, a pressing device and a drying device.

2. The glue supply system is responsible for delivering glue to the scraper device.

3. The scraping device consists of a scraper and a rubber tire, which evenly coats the glue on the surface of the paper.

4. Pressing device is used to remove excess glue.

5. The drying device is used to dry the glue on the surface of the paper to form a glue film.

Glue type:

Common glue types include starch glue, synthetic glue, and natural glue. The specific choice of glue type depends on the paper’s usage needs and desired performance characteristics.

Sizing machine is a device applied to apply glue to the surface of paper to improve the strength and waterproofness of the paper. If you are interested in this, please contact us. Email address: