Paper Machine Spare Parts Of Calender

Calender is responsible for enhancing the finish, texture, and overall quality of the paper by applying pressure and heat to the web of paper as it passes through the calendering process. Calenders are employed in various paper and board production facilities, including those manufacturing printing papers, specialty papers, and packaging materials.

Details of Calender

Major Components of Calender

Hard and Soft Rolls, Frame and Bearings, Nip Control System, Drive System

Operation of Calender

The calendering process is a carefully controlled operation that involves the precise application of pressure and temperature to the paper web.

The fundamental steps in the operation of calender:

1. The paper web is fed into the calender from the paper machine after the drying process.

2. As the paper web passes through the calender stack, it is subjected to controlled pressure between the rolls. The hard and soft rolls work together to compress the fibers and smooth out the surface of the paper.

3. After the calendering process, the paper web may pass through a cooling section to help stabilize the surface properties.

4. The finished paper may then be wound onto rolls for further processing, converting, or packaging.

Calender is an essential machine in the papermaking process, playing a critical role in improving the surface properties and overall quality of paper and board products. We hope that Leizhan Machinery’s paper machine spare parts will be your best choice. Email address: