Paper Machine Parts Dryer Cylinders


Inquiry for paper machine spare parts Dryer Cylinders

Type: Dryer Cylinders separately or with stands and hood
With technical dokumentation
Class: new or second hand

Paper machine main data

Paper grades: Cardboard – White line chipboard (WLC) 200-400 g/m2
Jumbo reel diameter: 3600 mm
Width web of the headbox. 3842 mm
Mechanical design speed: 860 m/min

Dryer cylinders

Diameter: 1830 mm
Wall thickness: 27 mm
Center bearing distance: 5078 mm
Total length: 5390 mm
Material: steel or iron cast
Surface hardness: HS 36/38
Balancing: 1000 m/min
Surface roughness: 0,6 RA
Temperature max: 180 °C
Width web of the headbox. 3842 mm
Test pressure: 0,75 Mpa
Operating pressure: 0,50 MPa

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