Paper Machine In Paper Making Line

Paper making machine

Do you know which paper machines are needed in paper making line? And each machine in the production line to play what kind of role? Every paper machine has its own mission to make the finished paper better. The following note describes the important equipment in paper making line.

1. Inflow pressure screen: used as net screen, make the slurry evenly and flow to the cage or headbox.

2. Headbox: the heart of papermaking machine, can effectively disperse the fiber, to prevent fiber flocculation.

3. Forming section: many rolls in this section, such as breast roll, turning roll, return roll, suction couch roll, etc., Doctor scrape off the water on the blanket and dirt on the paper.

4. Press section: the paper is initially dehydrated by pressure.

5. Sizing press: Obtain better surface properties and improve the physical properties of paper. The paper fed from the drying group is sieved into the sizing tank composed of two sizing rolls and then enter into the next dryer.

6. Reel section: the paper is rolled evenly by the weight of the roll and the friction of the cold cylinder.