Paper Machine Felt

Paper machine felt

Felt commonly used in paper machine consumables, how to use felt better, reducing cost is a very important issue for every papermaking enterprise.So what problems should be paid attention to in the use of paper machine felt?

Paper machine felt

In the process of production, the fine material, paper fiber, filler, rubber, pigment and other substances in the pulp, and the impurity in the production water, extremely easy adhesion on felt, blocking perforation felt, affect the absorption and water filtration of the felt.

According to the investigation, the felt replaced, more than 90% are not caused by wear, but because of the blockage, the key to the use of blankets is washing. Therefore, the washing of felt is one of the key issues to ensure the good dehydration of the press and prolong the life of the felt.

The method of felt washing is continuous washing in normal production and shut-down washing.

Water needle spray cleaning: The water pressure is 1.47~2.45 x 106 pa, its advantage is that water is less, the force of the use of water needle can use less chemical cleaning agent.

Continuous cleaning on the machine: the final state of the felt can be kept in order to achieve the highest efficiency. Continuous cleaning is the best method. It is not to remove the dirt that can clog the felt, but to remove it from the dirt when it is stained with the felt or when it has just penetrated the felt.

Felt Leizhan supplied has good water absorption and permeability, cooperate with paper machine spray washer, has long service life.

In addition to the above, the operation of the felt, must pay attention to the following points:

1. The wet felt is smooth and thick, not easy to discount. After the new felt is on the machine, don’t tighten it too tightly. Start the slow water and moisten the felt evenly and make it naturally shrink. It will need to run for 6 ~ 10 minutes to make it water and remove a small amount of fuzz.
2. Tighten the felt properly before putting the pulp on the machine. Generally used loosely, this will not affect the operation. If it is too tight, it will cause the felt to contract, the base cloth hole deformation, not easy to filter water.
3. Machine stop, must loosen felt, lest produce tension after drying, the felt is damaged. If the downtime is longer, wash the felt with water and then relax. When starting up, you should drive a slow train and wet the felt. After the felt is wet, you should press and drive fast.
4. If the felt is too wide to pull the edge, should pay attention to the cut neatly, you need to be careful when pulling. Some of the grams are great, and the scissors are best.