Paper Machine Dyer for Paper Drying

paper machine dryer for paper drying

The drying cylinder is a hollow cylinder made of cast iron and covered at both ends. It consists of a cylinder block and a cylinder head at both ends. The outer diameter is 1000-3000 mm. During the operation, the steam is conveyed by the steam inside.

The materials for manufacturing the dryer are generally HT200 and HT250. The function of the dryer is to dry the moisture in the paper and to decorate the paper.

Drying Principle of Dyer

The saturated steam introduced from the steam joint condenses inside the dryer, and the released heat causes the temperature of the dryer to rise, thereby heating the sheet coated on the surface of the roll shell. Heat is transferred to the paper during contact between the paper and the dryer surface.

Dryer FAQ

Due to the high temperature and pressure during the operation of the dryer, the shaft head of the dryer is prone to wear and tear, resulting in the equipment not working. Rapid repair of polymer composite materials on site, minimizes the possibility of wear and tear, ensuring that the equipment is operating properly and even beyond normal service life.

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