Paper Machine Dryer Cylinder

Dryer cylinder

Paper Machine dryer cylinder use steam to dry wet sheet, the remaining water is evaporated by the supply of heat energy. After the drying process, the paper has a residual moisture of approximately 2% to 9 %.  This module will provide a technical data of ∅3000 dryer cylinder (Leizhan supply differently type dryer cylinder to meet production needs).

Technical data

Diameter: ∅3000
Design pressure: 0.3~0.8Mpa
Material: HT250~300
Hardness HB: 190~240
Face length: 1350~5000mm
Oughness: 0.2~0.4
Working speed: 200~300m/min

The dryer cylinder divides into single run and Multiple dryer(single+conventional).

Advantage of single dryer cylinder: 

•High total efficiency, Fully supported sheet run
•Automated and ropeless tail threading
•Ease of broke handling
•Simple and functional design
•Support after press and efficient runnability components produces high strain
•potential, low porosity and improved internal strength
•Excellent runnability, stability at high speeds, efficient and simple operation

The features of Multiple dryer is shorten the length of the paper machine, reduce the floor space, drying efficiency is high.

Drying efficiency is high

-Runnability for wet web in beginning of drying section
-High drying rate in middle and end of drying section
-More drying capacity in less space compared to SymRun concept