Paper Machine Doctor Blade

paper machine doctor blade

In the modern paper machine production technology management, reliable doctor blade in paper machine is a very important part, it can effectively improve the operation performance of the whole production line, ensure the neatness of roller surface, make the sheet strip is easier to control, reduce breakage and holes paper disease.

Paper Machine Doctor Blade advantages

1. The doctor blade is installed on the correct position of the paper strip or the surface of the dryer, so as to effectively assist the production worker to bring the sheet from the wet part to the drying part until the reel is taken.
2. The doctor blade designed should help clean the water or dirt on the surface of the roller or dryer, keep the roller or dryer surface clean, and improve the quality of the product and the efficiency of the paper machine.
3. The doctor blade device is applied from the wire to the reeling part, and the blade of each part has its own characteristics. The correct design selection can improve the quality of the paper page and improve the performance.

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