Paper Machine Cylinder Mold

paper machine cylinder mould

Paper Machine Cylinder Mold Leizhan supplied has high quality, use stainless steel, long service life.The main components are made of stainless steel, and use spokes instead of part of the spokes, light weight, corrosion resistance, reduce energy consumption and reduce equipment maintenance cycle.

Leizhan Paper Machine Cylinder Mold advantages

1. Increase the area and speed of the filtrating water and increase the yield.
2. Improved paper quality, including homogeniality, gram weight, horizontal tension ratio.
3. Reduce the cost of copper, felt, etc.
4. Strengthen the integrity and anti-corrosion properties of equipment, long service time.
5. The strength is higher than the ordinary cylinder mold several times, reduce the maintenance rate of the cylinder mold.
6. Each wheel is measured accurately, avoiding the phenomenon of the cylinder mold and reducing the friction of the cylinder mold to the felt and wire. Reduced production cost.
7. Acid base, standard 304 stainless steel.