Paper Machine Approach Flow System

paper machine

With the continuous improvement of paper quality requirements, and the emergence of high-speed modern paper machine on the sizing system requirements are getting higher and higher, paper machine sizing system, also known as approach flow system or short circulation system, is a modern paper technology Very important process. Including the mixing of slurry, purification, screening, degassing, circulation, flow and other processes.

A good Approach flow system must meet the following requirements:

(1) Ensure the smooth operation of the system and stable control.
(2) The slurry volume is constant, and the slurry pressure pulse is reduced.
(3) Various fibers, fillers, chemicals, and white water shall be uniformly mixed to avoid slurry, deposition and flocculation.
(4) The effect of slurry removal is better, and the concentration should be stable.
(5) The system is easy to clean. The process is concise and investment economy.

Leizhan supply Headbox, Inflow pressure screen, cleaner equipment, etc., to make the slurry flow to wire evenly and stability, the slurry can be fully mixed by the headbox and inflow pressure screen and further screening, the tail pulp of pressure screen return to Coarse screening system or Vibrating screen. Leizhan follow the basic principle “to provide uniform dispersion for the paper machine, the smaller the pressure pulsation the better, the less air the better.” help customer to customize paper making project to maximize the benefits and produce high quality paper.