Paper Leading Roll For High Strength Corrugated Paper Machine

The paper leading roll is located at the feed end of the paper machine and is responsible for transporting the pulp from the pulp box or the previous process to the working part of the paper machine. The paper leading roll guides the pulp from the storage area to the texture section of the paper machine by rotating, ensuring that the pulp is evenly coated on the texture, thus forming the basis of the paper.

Details of Paper Leading Roll

1. Specifications: Φ299×4000mm

2. Material: The roller body is rolled from Q235A steel plate, both ends are made of 45# round steel quenched and tempered, cast iron bulkhead interference heat loaded, and the roller surface is polished

3. Bearing: 22318K. Complete bearings and bearing seats. Calibrate the dynamic balance after finishing the car, and the imbalance amount shall not exceed 0.5% of the dead weight.

4. Lubrication method: thin oil lubrication.

The normal operation of the paper leading roll has an important impact on the quality of the paper. It can ensure that the pulp remains uniform during transportation and avoids quality problems such as uneven paper thickness and rough surface, thus improving the consistency and quality of the paper. You can contact us by email at