Paper Industry Machine of Double Disc Refiner

Leizhan is a renowned manufacturer in the pulp and paper equipment industry, boasting over four decades of expertise in manufacturing. The double disc refiner serves as a crucial component in pulp production projects, offering the ability to refine pulp consistency to align with the paper making demands of paper mills. Leizhan also provides a range of advanced pulping equipment to establish top-tier pulping preparation systems for clients.

Further Insight on Double Disc Refiner:

The double disc refiner can process various raw materials such as waste paper, virgin wood pulp, or chemical pulp.

The grinding discs of the double-disc refiner are easily detachable, facilitating convenient cleaning.

Leizhan is capable of tailoring bespoke pulping solutions to cater to the specific paper making requirements of individual paper mills.

Double disc refiners are well-suited for diverse paper production lines. For inquiries regarding our double-disc refiners and other pulping equipment, please reach out to us by email: