Paper Factory Rewinding Machine

Our rewinding machine is specifically designed to handle full-width paper rolls from the paper machine winder with utmost efficiency and precision. These rolls are securely placed on the paper unwinding rack of our rewinding machine, which then performs the rewinding process of rewinding machine to produce finished paper rolls that meet the desired specifications in terms of width, diameter, and tightness.

To ensure safe operation, a number of safety devices are installed:

Press Paper Roller Safety:
Our equipment incorporates a locking roller device that automatically locks the platen roller once the press paper roller is raised. This ensures the safety of the operator and prevents any unintended movements or accidents.

Paper Pushing Device Safety:
To ensure the safety of the paper pushing device, it is designed to operate only after the pressure roller is raised, the clamping device is withdrawn and lowered, and the paper unloading table is raised. This sequential operation ensures that the paper pushing device functions safely and efficiently.

Clutch Safety:
For added safety, the clutch must be disengaged before the insurance pressure plate can push out the reeling roll. This prevents any accidental movements or unwanted engagement of the clutch during the paper reeling process.

Paper Unloading Table Safety:
To ensure the safety of the paper unloading table, the equipment is designed to only crawl when the table is in the lowered position. High-speed operation is only possible when the paper unloading table is raised, preventing any potential hazards and ensuring safe operation.

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