Napkin Jumbo Roll Making Machine, Napkin Machine Automatic

Toilet paper making machine brief introduction:

Toilet paper machine, trimmed paper width is 1575mm, mainly used to make toilet paper. The automatic toilet paper machine is mainly divided into five parts: headbox, fourdrinier part, press part, drying part and roll paper part.

Toilet paper making machine structure:

1. Headbox: The hydraulic headbox controls and stabilizes the sizing head and concentration of the sieve by adjusting and controlling the water inlet pressure of the main pulp input and the opening of the upper and lower lips of the headbox.

2. Wire part: single long pile, main part: breast roll, forming board, dewatering board, vacuum box, horizontal roll, driven roll, godet roll and frame etc., equipped with 1 forming line

3. Press section: divided into main press and roller press. The main press is a double roll press, each of which is equipped with high and low-coated rubber metal rolls. The idler press consists of a load roller and a 1 # large roller, with a covered rubber metal roller. The main press is equipped with a guide felt roll and felt suction box, and is equipped with a top felt and a bottom felt. The idlers of the idler press share a top felt with the main press. The pressing method of the main press and the idler press is corrugated tire pressure.

4. Drying part: 1 # large drum: Φ3000 / Φ3600 drying drum, single drive, and equipped with a closed hot air hood, 2 wrinkle removing blades, 1 cleaning blade The pressure method is the cylinder pressure. No. 2 large drum: Φ3000 / Φ3600 dryer, single drive, equipped with main line and godet roller, without cover, and equipped with cleaning scraper, compression method is gravity compression.

5.Reeling part: Pneumatic horizontal type winding machine, air cylinder pressure.

Toilet paper making machine specification:

Paper grade Toilet Paper
Trimmed width(mm) 1575-3600
Basis weight(g/m2) 13-40
Operating speed(m/min) 180-800
Production capacity(t/d) 5-50


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