Medium Consistency Pressure Screen Paper Pulp Equipment

Medium consistency pressure screens are widely applied in the paper industry. Medium consistency pressure screens are mainly used for pulp concentration and paper production.

Through the screening function of the medium-consistency pressure screen, the slurry can be concentrated, the slurry concentration can be increased, energy consumption can be reduced, and production efficiency can be improved. After the high-quality slurry is processed through the medium-consistency pressure screen, it is used to produce high-quality paper to improve the yield and paper quality.

Application & Features

1. The specially designed multi-wing block, non-winding, high-efficiency and energy-saving rotor can screen efficiently.

2. High screening concentration reduces water consumption and fiber loss during the production process.

3. Equipped with advanced automatic oil injection device and mechanical seal water flow and pressure monitoring and alarm device.

4. Simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance, reducing maintenance costs.

The medium-consistency pressure screen can adjust the screen parameters according to different needs, adapt to different types of slurry processing requirements, and improve the flexibility and adaptability of production. Welcome to consult us for more details. Email address: