Machine for Paper Machine Approaching System

The approaching system of a paper machine is also known as pulp pumping system or short circulation system in China, which includes the mixing, purification, screening, degassing, circulation, and flow conveying of pulp. The approaching system of a paper machine has a combination of various processes such as multi-stage sand removal, multi-stage screening, and vacuum degassing.

A good approaching system must meet the following requirements:

(1) Ensure smooth operation of the system and stable control

(2) Keep the pulp delivery constant and reduce pulp pressure pulses

(3) Mix various fibers, fillers, chemicals, and white water evenly to avoid pulp agglomeration, deposition, and flocculation

(4) The pulp degassing effect should be good and the concentration should be stable

(5) The system should be easy to clean. Simple process and economical investment

Now Leizhan Machinery has manufactured sophisticated equipment, such as: low-pulse sizing pump, high-efficiency desander with degassing device, low-pulse pressure screen, vacuum degassing tank, etc. These single equipment can meet the quality requirements of various papers. If you are interested, please contact us.

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