M.C. Pressure Screen And Inflow Pressure Screen

Pressure screen

Pressure screen play a vary important role in paper pulping process, to meet the pulping requirements pressure screen divides in to M.C. pressure screen and Inflow pressure screen, M.C. pressure includes coarse screen and fine screen, is used in pulping system, Inflow pressure screen is used in approach system. So what’s the advantage of pressure screen? And what is the difference between the M.C. pressure screen and Inflow pressure screen?

The advantage of Pressure Screen

1. Configuration advantages

① Screen basket is the best Chinese can produce, bearing is NSK from Japan, mechanical seal is double face, made by Sino-US joint venture, which used for protecting bearing, if one face damaged, the other face still can use.

② The automatic oil injection device is from Korea, which automatically add oil to the bearing, whether have oil or not, just see the device in out side.

③ The automatic water device from Finland, which used for protect mechanical seal. the screen blades in four types, which can effectively improve pulp throughout.

④ The main body contact pulp parts is made by SS304, the outside is sandblasting process. In China, there is no one factories pressure screen quality compare with us, you can compare those details.

2. Leizhan M.C pressure screen suitable high concentration, can be applied to 3% -4% concentration, more efficient, the use of screening area smaller than other supplier, less energy consumption.

The difference between M.C. pressure screen and Inflow pressure screen

1. Use in different positions: M.C. pressure screen use for the slurry screening stage, the Inflow pressure screen use for approach system.

2. inlet and outlet pulp position is different, slag mouth and other pipe are different, different base.

3. The slurry flows in a different way, Inflow pressure screen–inflow, M.C. pressure screen–outflow.

4. The internal rotor structure is different.